10 Things you didn’t know about Madeira

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What do we know about Madeira?

It is a beautiful island holiday destination with a diverse landscape. The people are mostly friendly and are always willing to help and don’t get us started on the food.

We all know this of Madeira but here are 10 things you may not have known:

  1. Mederia is a semi-tropical island and as a result of it’s mountainous terrain, this gives the island six distinct climate zones!
  2. When explorers first came to Madeira in 1420, they believed the dark looming cliffs of the archipelago signalled the gates of hell.
  3. Madeira Botanical Gardens is world-famous for it’s beautiful array of unique tropical plants. The island’s sub-tropical climate and rich volcanic soil makes for the perfect growing conditions for 2,500 exotic plants.
  4. The summit of Madeira’s tallest mountain and highest point on the island is Pico Rivo, which can only be reached by foot.
  5. Infamous Madeira wine gets it’s unique flavour from repeatedly heating it, which was historically believed to deepen the flavour.
  6. The waters surrounding Madeira are teeming with marine life, which gives ou the chance to see birds, dolphins and 15 different species of whales up close!
  7. It’s in the Guinness Book of World Records that Madeira hosts the largest New Year’s Eve fireworks display in the world!
  8. The archipelago of Madeira is known said to be known as the ‘Golden Islands’ and having been said to have one of the best beaches in Europe, Porto Santo is perhaps the most golden of them all. There is very little rain here so therefore Madeira makes for the perfect beach holiday.
  9. The Desertas Islands are small, volcanic islands that are a part of the Madeira archipelago, now designated as a nature reserve. They serve as the last refuge of the rarest type of seal in the world; the Mediterranean monk seal. Another 180 miles from Madeira, the Selvagens Islands are a recognised bird sanctuary and nature reserve for some of the rarest plants on the planet. Here, the number of human visitors are limited by law.
  10. Perhaps Madeira’s most famous as well as most expensive export, is world class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who was born in the capital city of Madeira, Funchal.

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