28 is the way to go

Tram 28 is the way to go

Taking public transport in South Africa can be a nightmare but in Portugal it is actually encouraged.

Among trains, busses, trams and taxis, tourists are encouraged to try out the trams the most. The trams are one of Lisbon’s oldest means of transport which started in 1873. These first trams were drawn by horse and were electrified in 1901.

One of the pride and joys of the tram world is Tram 28 which boasts the pride of the vintage era. From this tram you are able to do rooftop sightseeing of the city in all its splendour. An added benefit is that trams are cheaper than taking the city centre tour.

Part of the routes of tram 28 is Graca, St Georges Castle, the Chiado as well as the Campo de Ourique market.

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