30 Famous people of Portuguese descent

30 Famous people of Portuguese descent

Lyndsy Fonseca (Actress)
Her father is of Portuguese descent, and her mother is of half Portuguese ancestry
Famous for: Desperate Housewives, The Young and the Restless, How I Met Your Mother and Nikita

Keanu Reeves (Actor)
His father, an American from Hawaii, has Native Hawaiian, Chinese, English and Portuguese ancestry
Famous For: Bram Stroker’s Dracula, Speed, The Matrix and Knock Knock

Katy Perry (Singer)
Perry has English, German, Irish and Portuguese ancestry.
Perry has some resemblance with the Portuguese common surname Pereira, which means pear tree in Portuguese language. Because of that, many Portuguese immigrants to the USA (especially Massachusetts) chose to “Americanize” their Pereira surname to Perry.
Famous For: I kissed a Girl, Roar and Dark Horse

Tom Hanks (Actor)
His mother was of Portuguese ancestry (her families surname was originally “Fraga”)
Famous For: Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile and The Da Vinci Code

Nelly Furtado (Singer)
Her Portuguese parents, Maria Manuela and Antonio Jose Furtado, were both from Sao Miguel Island in the Azores
Famous For: I’m Like a Bird, Turn off the Lights, Promiscuous and Say it Right

Danielle Steel (Novelist)
Her mother Norma da Camara Stone dos Reis, born in Portugal, was the daughter of a diplomat.
Currently the best selling author alive and the fourth best selling author of all time, with over 800 million copies sold.

Shilo Fernandez (Actor)
His father is of half Portuguese and half Russian Jewish descent
Famous For: Deadgirl, Red Riding Hood and Evil Dead

Meredith Viera (Journalist, Television Host)
The daughter of Mary Elsie Rosa, a homemaker, and Edwin Vieira, a medical doctor, both first-generation Portuguese Americans.
Famous For: The Meredith Vieira Show and Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Jesse Metcalfe (Actor)
His mother is of Italian and Portuguese ancestry
Famous For: Desperate Housewives and Dallas

Nuno Bettencourt (Musician)
Bettencourt was born on September 20, 1966 in Praia da Vitoria, Terceira, Azores, Portugal
Famous For: Lead Guitarist with the band Extreme with the song “More than Words”

Danica Mckellar (Actress)
Her mother’s ancestry is Portuguese (via the Azores and Madeira Islands)
Famous For: The Wonder Years

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Actor)
Thomas is of Portuguese and Pennsylvania Dutch (German) ancestry
Famous For: Home Improvement

David Lee Roth (Musician)
Grandmother from Azores, Portugal
Famous For: Rock Vocalist for the band Van Halen

Al Santos (Actor)
Portuguese and Irish ancestry

Brooke Burke (Actress)
Her mother is of Portuguese background but was adopted and raised Jewish
Famous For: Dancing with the Stars and Rockstar

Camilla Belle (Actress)
She grew up speaking Portuguese and her mother is Brazilian Portuguese
Famous For: The Ballad of Jack and Rose, When a Stranger Calls, 10,000 BC, The Quiet, Push and Breakaway

James Franco (Actor)
Franco’s father was of Portuguese (Madeiran) and Swedish descent

Dave Franco (Actor)
Franco’s father was of Portuguese and Swedish descent
Famous For:
21 Jump Street, Charlie St. Cloud, Fright Night, Now you see me, Warm Bodies and Neighbors

Steve Perry (Signer)
Born in Hanford, California to Portuguese parents, Raymond Perry(Pereira) and Mary Quaresma
Lead singer of the Rock Band Journey

Joe Perry (Guitarist)
The paternal side of Perry’s family are Portuguese, originally from Madeira. His grandfather changed the family’s name from Pereira to Perry upon arriving in the United States.
Lead Guitarist and Vocalist for the band Aerosmith

Emeril Lagasse (Celebrity Chef)
His mother Hilda is Portuguese

Daniela Ruah (Actress)
Ruah was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Portuguese citizens
Actress in the series NCIS: Los Angeles

Sky Ferreira (Singer)
Her dad is Brazilian and Portuguese and her mom is Native American

Devin Star Tailes (Singer)
Dev is of Portuguese and Mexican descent
Famous For: her single “Booty Bounce”

Hoku (Singer)
Her father is of Hawaiian and Portuguese descent
Best known for her hit single “Another Dumb Blonde”

Paula Labaredas (Actress)
Paula was born on July 6, 1982 in Portugual
Actress known for the Last Eve, Eve’s Preyer and Axe to Grind

Louis Ferriera (Actor)
Ferreira was born on 20 February 1967, in Terceira, Azores
Actor best known for “Stargate Universe”

Shanna Moakler (Actress and Model)
Moakler is of German, Portuguese and Irish descent

Krista Allen (Actress)
Maternal grandfather of Portuguese Descent
Best known for “Days of our Lives”

Bethany Mota
Mota is of Mexican and Portuguese Descent
Famous YouTube celebrity

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  1. Love the info !! It’s a shame that they are not proud of their various Portuguese backgrounds. I never hear any of them mention it except for Daniella Ruah. Hopefully they will take more pride in it and publicize it ..

  2. I see these people in the local portuguese clubs almost evey other day. K reeves can make a killer frango churrasco and k perry makes the best caldo verde for local folklore dance events

  3. os tugas tem que arranjar qualquer coisa para arranjar sempre relação entre algo importante e portugal serio.. tipo “Perry has some resemblance with the Portuguese common surname Pereira,” é só parvo LOL

  4. Folks Portuguese are from Portugal ( Europe ) Brazilian are from South America. They speak a different dialect of Portuguese language but not Portuguese.

    • ALC brazilian people speak portuguese, only Portuguese, nothing else, do a better search.
      Does American people speak a diferent dialect from english?
      To brazilian people it’s the same, they only speak portuguese

  5. Most Portuguese in California immigrated from the Azore Islands. Mine, in the 1800’s to farm in the San Joaquin Valley. There are thousands of us Azoreans here. There are whole communities here that revolve around our culture which we celebrate. My family came from Sao Jorge and Pico. I and some I know consider ourselves Azorean first and autonomous from “main” Portugal. Our ethnicity in many cases is diverse due to location of the Azores. Some of us although come from strongly Catholic families have Sephardi ancestry that was hidden going back generations. Also ethnicity from Flanders with a Dutch twist, African , North African , Moors and several others. Once established the population was somewhat isolated.

  6. Viva Portugal’s beatification is the best culture we have been through a bit of a bit but we are strong country

  7. Remigio Pereira, was one of the Canadian Tenors. Now a solo singer/guitarist. Check out some of his youtube videos. You’ll never hear a more beautiful voice, nor a better classical guitarist. He should be a huge star.

  8. Diane Macedo who is the absolutely gorgeous & talented co-anchor on ABC news’ world news now & America this morning. Both of her parents are Portuguese immigrants from the Minho region near Porto. She’s also a professional soprano.