5 Portuguese foods to try as a family

5 Portuguese foods to try as a family

Portuguese food is usually quite hearty and filling and not always the most appealing at first glance. So, here are some suggestions as to what you can get them to try.

Pasteis-de-nata1. Pastéis de nata
Who has not heard about these delicious little custard tarts that melt in your mouth? These are everywhere in Portugal. You should be able to find them easily. The original ones are still made in the most famous patisserie in Lisbon and are actually called Pastéis de Belém. The recipe for those is a tightly-kept secret.

Travesseiros2. Travesseiros
These are the most under-rated Portuguese pastries. They are flaky puff pastry filled with an egg and almond cream, sprinkled with sugar. One won’t be enough. Order half a dozen for the family!

Francesinha3. Francesinha
Porto’s speciality, francesinhas (or little Frenchies in English) are Portugal’s equivalent to the croque-monsieur in France. Essentially it is a sandwich made of bread, ham, linguiça (a kind of small chorizo-like sausage), fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce. Most of the time served with chips.

Pasteis-de-bacalhau4. Pastéis de bacalhau
Little fish cakes made with the world famous Portuguese cod. They are made with potatoes, onions and parsley. Fried and served warm or cold. These are usually eaten as starters/appetizers.

Picanha5. Picanha
Technically, this is a beef cut popular in Brazil and most of South America. But it is also readily available in many Portuguese restaurants. The meat is amazingly tender and seasoned with salt or aromatic herbs. It is most likely served with black beans, rice and/or chips/fries.

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