51 Years of Standing Together

51 Years of Standing Together
51 Years of Standing Together

On the 25 October the Casa de Porveiros held their 51st birthday celebration.

Looking at the celebration made we think about what it means to celebrate, and also what it means to celebrate 51 years! I myself have not even lived that long; 51 years that the club has been there as a place to meet and share and celebrate and, ultimately, do those thinks that are community. Just the time that it has been there is alone a massive achievement. To have been a place for the community to come together and celebrate all that they are for so long is amazing, but also it is what it is there for that is so important, that it is a tangible representation of community, and indeed the celebration that evening showed that the community that it stands for is still as strong as ever.

The celebration was attended by a great number of people, including such important guests as the Portuguese Consul, Luisa da Palma Fragosco, as well as others from the community such as Manny Ferrerinha, Mr Melenas, Paulo Mariano, and of course people from the community, such as some of the Nuns from the Convent of Our Lady of Fatima as well as others. The celebration was very typical Portuguese style, which means good food, lots of talking and plenty of laughter and music, a combination that can never go wrong.

Besides a few short speeches and the music, entertainment for the evening was mainly each other during the meal as it was mainly each other during the meal as it was clear that everyone had a great deal to share with each other, especially the children, who took the chance to see all their friends and have fun. The highlight of the evening though were the Fado dancers, who roused everyone to get involved with clapping and the traditional dancers were clearly enjoyed as the audience sang and tapped their feet along them.

It is clear to me that community is not a thing at all but an action shared by everyone, and there at the club community was again made in the place that for over fifty years has been a venue where it can happen.

Happy Birthday Casa de Porveiros!!

By Philip Allebone – Voz Portuguese