9/10 Portuguese kids surf net daily


Where are the good old days when children were just children and played outside with their cars and dolls? As you know, we live in a digital age and many of our youth are turning to the internet as a source of entertainment.

According to a study done in Portugal on 1012 learners, which included, primary, secondary and professional schools, 90 percent of children turn to the internet on a daily basis.

So what are the nine in ten children doing while surfing the net? Well, 62.5 percent claim to be interacting on social networks while 58.9 percent say they are just listening to music.

In some cases this has become incredibly dangerous for those who engage on social media as 81 percent of them put up personal photos, 77.4 percent give their real names, 53.3 percent their age and 51.6 percent the name of the school they attend.

So, it seems parents should be more vigilant as to what their children are doing on their PC’s.

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