A Day startled with shots

A Day startled with fire

They say the early bird catches the worm but for Hermanus fisherman, Day and nine other crew members, they almost caught bullets.

They were out in the waters at 02:30 in the morning trying to catch geelbek, which apparently bite better around that time.

They were in Struisbaai harbour when they heard three shots fired rapidly. The crew were in immediate high alert as the shots fell within 15 to 20 metres in front of them.

It was so close we could smell the gunpowder and so loud my ears were ringing. The crew were panicking.

“It was probably cannons, definitely not small weapons like rifles or handguns,” said Day.

They came to the conclusion that the German and South African Navy might have mistaken them for a radio controlled ship which they use in their military exercises.

Day tried to notify them via radio to cease fire but to no avail as they got no response from the warship. They then contacted Cape Town Radio which made contact with the warship. They then gave answer that they would cease fire.

“I tell you, my legs were shaking and my crew was panicking,” said Day.

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