A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind

A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind

As we get older our bodies need more attention as far as our health is concerned but we also need to pay more attention to our mind.

After all, we cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind, the two are simply inseparable.

Some people might think that a way to keep the mind sharp is to challenge it with problem solving, puzzles and so on. This might help but it is also vitally important to keep in mind that keeping your body healthy contributes to a healthy mind as well.

“We’re just now starting to get people to recognize that eating right and exercising and maintaining your health can play into the graceful ageing of your brain,” said Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, a physician from Oklahoma City.

So, things you can do to keep the brain intact for a long time is to quit smoking, get enough sleep, maintain a healthy social life and get regular exercise.

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