A little Bed Rock in Piodão Portugal

A little Bed Rock in Piodão Portugal

Remember those quirky characters from Bed Rock? Well the little town of  Piodão in Portugal would have sure made Fred and Wilma feel right at home.

In fact, visitors to the little town describe it as something from the hit kiddies show, The Flintstones.

Piodão Portugal
Source: baixaki.com.br

Unfortunately, the town’s past is not as innocent as it looks as it used to be a refuge for fugitives, imagine that. But this town also known as “the native village” is now a major tourist attraction with its rocky exterior.

When passing through the rocky town you will find that schist, a rock found in the region and town homes meet to create a harmonious village splendour.

It is said that the town was so isolated, that they only had one colour of paint, blue. So if there is a structure that is not rock, you can be sure it will be splashed in this unison colour.

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