A Moment of history for Portugal rugby

A Moment of history for Portugal rugby

We know that when it comes to sport, the Portuguese practically have football coursing through their veins.

But this is not the only sport that they are willing to tackle, quite recently, the Portuguese Sevens Rugby team took on the defending champions, New Zealand.

In the first half it looked like the game was made for the New Zealand team who had the Portuguese’s back up against the ropes. Things did not look good for the Portuguese team who were at a dismal 7 points in comparison to the New Zealand team who led with 10 points with a score of 17 by half time.

The second half was not getting any better for the Portuguese team who only managed to gain a little ground, with a score of 19 and the All Blacks Sevens team leading by 5 points.

But with dismal defending from the All Blacks Portugal managed to come back and with only a minute left on the clock, scoring a try to level up the game 24 – 24. Portugal missed the kick with the final whistle going off as the ball landed. Even though Nuno Guedes was upset to have missed the kick, the team was quick to remind him of what they had accomplished, Portugal rugby history.

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