A will of aristocrat madness

A will of aristocrat madness

There is no doubt that a will is a very powerful piece of paper.

It has the power to tear families apart but in the right circumstances it is the deceased’s last way of looking out for those he loves.

Now we all wish we could make the list of the will to Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump or Bill Gates but a hefty some of strangers got the surprise of their lives when they picked up the telephone.

A voice on the other end telling them that their name had been penned into the will of Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara, a Portuguese aristocrat.

Luis Carlos bequeathed his assets to 70 strangers he randomly selected in a telephone directory, 13 years before his death.

As you can imagine, many of them thought it was a scam but known to be a man of humour, this was no joke.

The 42-year-old aristocrat leaves behind, one twelve room apartment in central Lisbon, one house near the historic town of Guimaraes, one car and 25 000 Euros.

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