Academia do Bacalhau of Cape Town “Goes Airborne”


This year the Academia do Bacalhau of Cape Town is celebrating the 49th Anniversary with the lunch on the 2nd of November, at the Officers Mess of the South African Air Force Base AFS Ysterplaat.

The choice of this unique venue to commemorate almost a half a century of existence of the Cape Town Academy is the result of the invitation of the Commander of the of the AFS Ysterplaat base, Colonel D. Castro, who is a lusodescendant that makes our community proud for such prestigious professional military career achievements.

The mouth waterning menu includes an adequate military starter “army stew Portuguese style” and as main course, codfish steaks with roasted punched potatoes dipped in olive oil. A real challenge for the codfish enthusiasts circle of the friends.

You can also peruse a full interview with Colonel Albeno Castro in an article published in Senhor Cabo by our Compadre, Rui Alves.

Jay Fernandes
Master’s Degree G. Ph. from the University of Lisbon. Academic and teacher. Television , radio and press reporter / commentator