Academia do Bacalhau Namibia Celebrates 242nd Lunch!


Academia do Bacalhau of Namibia celebrated on the 5th of November in Windhoek their 242nd Lunch, with the presence of 25 Compadres under the Presidency of Compadre Manuel Coelho. The Namibian Academy of Bacalhau which is one oldest Acedemias do Bacalhau with 38 years existence , was 7th in World to be inaugurated on the 4th of February 1978.

Academia do Bacalhau da Namíbia, realizou no passado Sabado 5 de Novembro, no Restaurante “The Social” em Windhoek, o seu 242 almoço da tertúlia, com a participação de 25 compadres.

Jay Fernandes
Master’s Degree G. Ph. from the University of Lisbon. Academic and teacher. Television , radio and press reporter / commentator