Academia of Cape Town welcomes new Ambassador


The monthly luncheon of the Academia do Bacalhau of Cape Town was held at the usual venue, the Portuguese Club in Rugby , this time not on a Thursday, but on a Tuesday, alteration of the traditional schedule justified by the presence of the new Ambassador of Portugal Manuel Carvalho in the Mother City and the opportunity to participate in the first public contact with the local Portuguese community.

The President of the Academia, Rui Santos, welcomed the new representative of the Portuguese Diplomacy in South Africa and the Consul in Cape Town, Dr José Arsenio, who introduced the recently appointed Ambassador to the compadres.

Rui Santos in his initial address took also the opportunity to welcome the Councillor for the Portuguese community, Ligia Fernandes, as well as the party of Amigos Portugueses from Johannesburg, who also participated in the codfish gathering.

The New Portuguese Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, Dr Manuel Carvalho, mentioned briefly in his speech that in his diplomatic career, extending over 30 years, has represented our country in various European organizations and more recently was the head of our Diplomatic Mission in Saudi Arabia, with plenipotentiary responsibilities which included several other Middle East states.

The intervention of the “Compadre carrasco”, Vitor Medina, did not break the fundraising records of the luncheons, but served to inspire a more informal note to the informal get-together of the Academia of Cape Town.