Alexandre Farto gets chiseled

alexandre gets chiseling

Portuguese street artists never stop surprising us with their sheer brilliant creativity. They are always making use of the materials around them. One of these artists happens to be Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils, a name that has stuck with him since 2000, when he was a graffiti writer.

While most artists use paints and other materials to make their art, Alexandre chisels away on the walls of the urban streets. This has gotten him much recognition and has had his work displayed at the Cannes Festival in London in 2008 and the VSP group show in Lisbon the previous year. It was the VSP group show that premiered his work called, scratching the surface.

Even though his art can be seen on the streets, some of his work has been made available indoors as well. The technique might be a bit complex and brutal but the art has been praised for its simplicity.

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