Algarve is world’s best place to retire

Algarve is world's best place to retire

It turns out that the Algave is not just a great place to have your next holiday to kick up some sand.

According to the website, Live and Invest Overseas, it has been voted the best place to retire for its second consecutive year.

“It boasts a low cost of living, great weather, an established expat community and a new retiree residency program,” writes Kathleen Peddicord, the website’s publisher, cited by Forbes magazine.

Not to mention that you can get on by with just being able to speak English if you fear a language barrier.

Boxes had to be ticked in 12 categories which were essential to retirees which included, cost of living, climate, health care, safety, taxes and the existence of an expat community.

The top five list included:

1- Algarve, Portugal
2- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
3- Cayo, Belize
4- Languedoc, France
5- Abruzzo, Italy

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