Amanteigado ‘butter-like’ Portugal Cheese

Amanteigado 'butter-like' Portugal Cheese

Amanteigado is a creamy cows’ milk cheese made on the island of Faial in the Azores, Portugal’s autonomous region located in the mid-Atlantic. The producers from Queijaria O Morro, Rui and Nuno Caldeira, suggest serving it similarly to other torta-style cheeses.

Like many Portuguese cheeses, Amanteigado is made using thistle rennet, which gives the cheese pronounced vegetal notes. It also makes it a vegetarian cheese. The cheese isn’t going to win any beauty contests; it’s a grey-ivory colour disc with a waxy look.

Cheeses of this type are traditionally displayed by slicing and removing the top rind, allowing guests to spoon its buttery and gooey paste onto fresh bread. Those of you familiar with the Portuguese sheep’s milk cheese, Azeitão, may find similarities.

The word “Amanteigado” means ‘butter-like’ in Portuguese, referring to the consistency at room temperature.

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