“Amigos” Chidren’s Xmas a roaring success


Amigos Portugueses Children’s Christmas gets bigger and better every year and last weekend was no exception.

What is really extraordinary is the enthusiasm and passion of Amigos Portugueses and their families to work so hard to organise an event of such magnitude, with the meticulous detail to make everything work like a clock, in a vibrant Carnival atmosphere.

There was entertainment for kids and grownups and tasty food stalls with a great variety of spicy cuisine suggestions.

The social gathering to celebrate a special Christmas for the Children has gone beyond being Portuguese community festival to become a very enjoyable feature on the Cape Town festivities calendar.

There was a lot of support from visitors, who had a good time listening to the music agreeable to all tastes, punctuated by the top DJs led by Sam Roy from Radio Smile 90.4 fm, or watching traditional folklore dancing.

The spectacular entrance of Father Xmas was appropriately done in a roaring motorbike, as the emblematic symbol of unity that mobilises Amigos Portugueses to do benefactor deeds like the Children’s Christmas.

One word of appreciation for Carlos Aguiar, the driver of all the changes that have taken place at the club, not only all the infrastructure which is now conducive to host festive events in a most pleasant manner, but also for being the force that inspires everyone to do their best for the prestige of the Portuguese Community of Cape Town.