Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week – Day 4

Amigos Portugueses - Day 4

Our first official full day here and it started off with a visit to the waffle shack for all of us for brekkies.
What a stunning venue. All kinds of food served on or with a fantastic crispy waffle.
Our intrepid photographer was even caught in the act emerging from the bamboos.
Next we got taken on a scenic ride through the Oribi Gorge, but first we stopped at a filling station and there, yours truly, goes and drops his bike.

Anyhow, back to the ride, what a stunning ride. I’m struggling to find the words to explain the beauty, the magnificence of this gorge, full of trees and all kinds of vegetation up the entire sides of the gorge.
We then happen to stumble upon a pull off point where we parked and again, yours truly dropped the bike. We all then went to admire the flowing river through all the rocks and next thing you know some of the more adventurous are in their bathers and swimming away. One gent shocked us all by stripping down to his speedo style jocks and got in the water too where he proceeded to inform us that the rocks were slippery. REALLY!?
From there we headed to a darn convertion, further up the road, where the owner has all kinds of antiquities on display, including a multitude of steam engines, all in working order and even a Model T Ford. They also had horses there specially groomed for taking part in polo.
On our way back we came upon an intersection that got blocked off by a police car and all of a sudden a smallish group of very tanned riders came past with another police escort from behind. We, of course joined them at the rear and got ourselves an escorted ride back into town.

Of all the thousands of bikers here and bike clubs and major Harley Chapters, none got or had police escorts except this small group. Me thinks that some presidents family member was in the group.
From here we went to visit the Pistol bar where everything is western style and you even get a visitor making an ass of itself. They have a donkey walking amongst the patrons and it swirls Coke as well.
Anyhoo, back at the venue, money was being thrown around with the purchasing of gifts.
Eventually it was party time, for some at the Jack Daniels tent, check the photo evidence, and others at the event tent where multiple performers were on stage rocking the crowds the night away.
Yours trully is feeling the effects of having indulged in wine, woman and cigaretes….what the heck, it was worth it.
P.S. One of our ladies was in her apartment, on the upper floors, alone taking a shower with the balcony door open and when she came out the bathroom she encoutered a visitor in the apartment. A monkey had climbed up and in and she had to coax it out on her own, so it is not only human men that are pervs, but the monkey family too