Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week – Day 3

Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week – Day 3

Day 3

We all made a decision the previous evening to change our departure time on our itinerary from 09H00 to 08H00am which meant a very early start to our day and after the previous evenings dinner activities and the “fines master” dishing out the fines, there was loads of laughter, shock and disbelief together with loads of consumption of the golden nectar. This all made it even more difficult to arise.


By 06H00am the men were all outside drying the bikes down and packing the support van with luggage and then we got all the bikes started to warm up and to go to the dining room. All but one started.
The battery was too weak and would need a jump start, but no problem to our intrepid adventurous Amigos. Out comes the smallest battery booster pack and voilà, the bike started straight away.
Breakfast consisted as a buffet style with bacon, wors, sausage, peri peri chicken livers as well as cereals, mixed fruit with yoghurt. Orange juice and coffee. We were very well served.


We were informed that the road ahead was in good condition and so it was with small section only with a few pot holes. We were on top of the Lesotho Mountains with absolutely no views to see as there was extreme heavy mist which made it very difficult to ride. Once the mist had lifted, the ride opened up with amazing views of mountains and valleys together with little pockets of villagers living along the mountain tops. They all have horses as their mode of transport.


Although the last leg of this section of the trip was the shortest, 350km, but also the more difficult one as we all tired and dying to get to Margate. My passenger fell asleep towards midday and one of the riders was also struggling to stay awake. We made one pit stop to stretch and rest and then we ended our trip with the collection of our units keys and then the arrival at the Bike Africa Rally event site where we had our two Amigas waiting patiently for their brave, road weary knights on their slightly dirty metal steeds.


We all made our way to our various units and then quickly off to the shops to buy supplies. Beers were a priority and this author quickly polished down two. Next we took a little wander around the activity area and soon soon the ladies were walking around with various gifts leaving the men to look at their heavily depleted wallets.

Some stayed behind to carry on enjoying all the evening entertainment, but others of us headed to the comfortable embrace of our beds.

Tomorrow is a day laden with loads of activities.