Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week – Day 5

Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week - Day 5

And so, the day started with most of us struggling up from the previous nights festivities.
Parties were held and over indulgence on certain beverages but get up we did and then we proceeded to get the bikes ready for the mass ride.
The bikes got adorned with our flags, we all wore our Bike Africa shirts and although the weather was overcast, it was still hot and muggy.

We all went to have breakfast at The Waffle Shack but they had a waiting list of 20 minutes, so we headed off to a Portuguese restaurant that we had noticed on our rides.
Unfortunately, friendly staff and nice atmosphere did not translate into efficient service or for that matter, good food.
The Caldo Verde soup was tasteless and seriously lacking in flavour and salt and the Chouriço was more like pieces of Russian sausage. The roll and cheese that I had ordered to accompany my soup did not pitch up, even though I asked for it multiple times and in the end they brought me a roll with garlic and melted cheese which was so not what I had ordered.
Lesson learnt; do not go back there again.

We then retired back to our units to go and do all our last minute shopping, making some grand children very happy we hope, and then home to make an attempt at some siesta time, to no avail.
We had to do what this area is famous for and that was to get and eat a Bunny Chow and so Lilly went to Lilly’s bakery and bought for all of us so that we could say that we did have.
Very soon the time approached where we had to get ready to go out for dinner and bid farewell to some dear friends from Rustenburg, that accompanied us on our trip, and also essentially the end of Africa Bike Week.
A lovely meal was enjoyed by all with some last minute celebrations, loads of hugs and kisses with promises of meeting up again soon.
Discussions were held about the departure time in the morning and with the weather promising rain and thunder storms by mid morning, an early start is called for.