Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week – Day 7

Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week - Day 7

We woke up in Dordrecht to a temperature reading of 2°C. One of our group members always goes for a morning jog, and today was no exception, even with the cold, and when she set off she only jogged 1km and then she was out of town so she turned around and ran in the other direction and 2km later out of town again, so back to the room.
For anyone finding themselves travelling and in Dordrecht, the Forecourt rooms are absolutely fantastic, comfortable and luxurious.
Once again, we had to make an early start and so after packing, loading van and breakfast, good bye to our amazing host and off we go at 08H00am.

We were all dressed up with layers of clothing and two of our male members even had lady stockings on, which had been bought for them the previous day.
I will not mention who they are but the hilarity at their spouse’s description to us of their attempt at putting them on. My stomach muscles ached from all the laughter.
Anyway back to the ride, the scenery was breath taking, even as our fingers were getting frozen.
The trees in their autumn splendour and the magnitude of the various mountain passes.
We arrived in Middleburg and the layers of clothing started to come off and as we headed towards Graaff Reinet, where yours truly had to return the keys of our first night’s accommodation which we had forgotten to return, the rest of the group removed all the rain suits and extra jackets. All except our two macho men who were stuck with their stockings.
We now headed to a section of road that was so boring and monotonous and thus makes it dangerous because thoughts start wandering and concentrations start slipping, sleepiness creeps in and accidents can occur in a blink of an eye.

By Aberdeen we were boiling and getting tired but we had to push on as this town cannot be called a one horse town as it has never owned a horse.
By the time we got to Willowmore, most were feeling sleepy but now our end destination was so to speak in sight and we pressed hard. Finally we were through De Rust and headed towards my little secret, not so secret anymore, farm stall just outside Oudtshoorn (30km) where we bought boxes of port wine made using the type of grape as well as the method done in the Porto region of Portugal. Their Pinta range is fantastic and their Tawny is practically like being in Porto sipping port.
Now we leave all laden and all the bikes on reserve limping into Oudtshoorn looking for the first available fuel stop. We just made it.
Now off to our accomodation for the evening at N.A. Smit holiday resort and what a welcome relief to shed our leather jackets and boots, put on shorts and flip flops and guzzle down some ice cold beers.
We all sat around together discussing the trip thus far and eating but soon we all started meandering to our rooms.
Tomorrow is our last stint.