Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week

Amigos Portugueses run to Africa Bike Week

Day 1

Started the day at 03H00am with pure excitement and hence unable to sleep. Eventually the time arrived to get dressed, pack the bike, say goodbye to two lovely doggies and off to meet the rest of the brave bunch.

We arrived at MacDonald’s, N1 to find everyone there already. Some coffees were drunk and the route discussed goodbyes to the loved ones not travelling with us and off we go on the N1 towards Du Toitskloof tunnel fighting the multitudes of vehicles being driven to the various work places in and around Cape Town.


Finally reached the toll plaza and I paid for all the bikes and support vehicle. Strict instructions were handed down that one vehicle at a time was to proceed through the toll gate, but certain people obviously were not listening and nearly decapitated their spouse by rushing through after the other bike as the boom was descending. Tsk tsk!

By now we were all realizing just how cold it is in the morning. Some were dressed nice and snug and some had torn jeans. It proceeded to get colder and of course, for good measure, fog was thrown into the mix which made for some really risky riding.


Although not part of the itinerary, stops were at Shell garage on N1 by Worcester to warm up the limbs and again in Montagu for a hot beverage or two to warm the cockles. There at the Rambling Rose we were approached by a lady telling us that the other older lady with her is her mother of 77 years and her one desire was to ride on a Harley Davidson, so while all the others ordered coffee, yours truly took this 77 year old lady for her very first bike ride and on top of it all, on a Harley. On our return she told me that I made an old lady from Vanderbijlpark very happy. Now for those of you that do not know, I hail from Vanderbijlpark and my mother still lives there.

As we continued with our trip, we started to encounter warmer and better weather making the journey more pleasurable. At times we had to make haste in order to make up lost time, but we still managed to have our various pit stops for meals or fuel together with a bum rest. In Willowmore we found a very quaint town that I definitely would like to revisit as well as Aberdeen.


In Calitzdorp we were supposed to stop and lunch at the Portuguese restaurant in the town, but we decided to abandon that idea for the sake of speed. Will make a stop there on our return trip.
Just outside Oudtshoorn is a wine farm that makes their own Port, but they make it according to the way it is made in Porto, Portugal. That is another stop for our return trip.
The road to Graaff Reinet was so smooth and straight that we were able to accelerate to slightly higher speeds, hee hie, to make up time, but I cannot stress it up more, the road is in an absolutely good condition. We arrived in Graaff Reinet just before the sun set and the only thing that went wrong was that I entered the wrong number for the address and we all pulled in with our bikes at the wrong house. Oops!


Finally everyone could let their hair down, drink some beers and refreshments and then off to the Spur for our evening meal. What a lovely big church is in the centre of town. At the Spur we conned and convinced the staff that it was Greg’s birthday and so they came with ice cream and sparklers and the whole staff singing to Greg. On leaving the restaurant I convinced the manager to request Greg produce his I.D. book so as to ensure that it really is/was birthday, as his staff does not have the time to go and sing their very traditional birthday songs to false birthday people. Greg was rather taken aback by this request. This led to so much laughter and hilarity.

We got back to our accommodation for the evening at Aan Die Oewer and by 22H30, only to find everyone in their respective rooms and asleep.

Tomorrow is another day!