Ana Moura international Portuguese fado singer

Ana Moura international Portuguese fado singer

Portuguese vocalist Ana Moura, whose soulful and riveting interpretation of her land’s captivating fado style has made her a star in Europe.

Ana Moura has become a leading exponent of this poetic, deeply expressive idiom which personifies the Portuguese psyche as it explores such universal themes as lost love, separation, and longing.

As Ana explains, “It’s very special because it’s all about emotions and feelings. It needs no translation.”

Ana Moura is an internationally recognized Portuguese fado singer, and the youngest fadista to be nominated for a Dutch Edison Award. Ana was born 17 September 1979, in Santarém, Portugal.

They call her the voice of Fado: a provincial singer who came to Lisbon to study at the Academia dos Amadores de Música, formed a band with some classmates, and eventually was discovered and encouraged to sing in the Fado houses, where Portugal’s traditional music is celebrated. Moura has refined that rare talent of bringing music with a great tradition to a vast audience.

  • Moura’s newest album Moura, reunites her with renowned American producer Larry Klein who has worked with such artists as Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Madeleine Peyroux, and more.
  • Moura’s signature theme? Sou do Fado, Sou Fadista (I Belong to Fado, I am a Fado Singer).
  • Desfado, Moura’s 2012 album, is the biggest selling record of the last decade in Portugal.
  • Traditional Fado meets contemporary music in Moura’s work: she’s even performed with The Rolling Stones.

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