Angelica is best olive oil for 2015

Angelica is best olive oil for 2015

Portugal has once again brought in the gold and this time, they have swiped the number one spot in the olive oil division.

Angelica olive oil sits at number one for the best olive oils of 2015 according to the website of . Angelica is produced in Alentejo province, the south of Portugal on a family farm.

Good things always come in pairs and that has been the secret to the success of the Angelica product. This olive oil consists of a blend of three olive variants which are typical of the area. These are Galega, Cordovil and Verdeal, which prove to be a master piece as Angelica is only 0,1 percent acidity.

Rosa da Silva is the producer of Angelica and confessed that the product is named after her grandmother who first produced olive oil on the farm in the 1920s.

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