Anger management 101

Anger management 101

We all know that one person who gets on our last nerve. If you’re a bloke, you basically want to rearrange their face with the wall.

Even a stranger may cause you to burst out in a rage. Perhaps they cut in front of you during traffic or they’re just plain annoying.

Studies have shown that guys are more at risk of getting heart attacks than women are. This is due to the fact that most men bottle their feelings. They choose to rather keep their feelings to themselves than let it out. This however becomes toxic and sometimes leads to outbursts of anger.

There are ways of dealing with this however.

Firstly, try stepping away. When the problem gets too much, excuse yourself and allow yourself to be removed from the situation.

Taking deep breaths will help as well. The effect of air passing through your nose and chest brings about an effect of relaxation.

One of the main reasons why we get upset is because we fail to see things from the other person’s point of view. So before going off on a tangent, try and see things from their angle.

The main reason for getting upset is because they are emotions that are kept in as earlier explained. So, if something upsets you, spit it out rather than keeping it bottled up.

As always, exercise is good for a whole lot of things and that includes anger. That is because anger is a result of low serotonin levels and exercise boosts that.

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