Animal planet without humans

Animal planet without humans

The rapid growth of people killing animals all over the world is becoming insane to say the least. Look at the lengths we needing to take to try a protect our endangered rhinos, cameras being drilled into the horns or painting some sorted of liquid on the horns to make it worthless.

Everyone knows that if you’re looking to see animals in the wild you come to the sub-Saharan Africa and some might believe that this is due to Climate and environment.

But this is not the case as a study by Aarhus University in Denmark shows us how the planet would look like if humans didn’t exist.

Firstly they show the after image, see below:


This image shows us that Africa is basically the only place where you can go and view large mammals.

And in the next image you can see how populated the world would have been if there were no humans:

inline-s-1-heres-what-the-earths-mammal-population-would-look-like-if-we-neverThis is quite alarming, even though these aren’t the greatest of maps, what they are portraying is really something to look at. Just imagine being able to go all over the world and see large mammals roaming around and not locked up in a zoo.

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