Senhor Cabo’s app has arrived!

Senhor Cabo App reaches 400 downloads

Welcome to the Official Senhor Cabo App, this is our website in an App and of course keeping with tradition it’s all things Portuguese with a South African flavour. Download links below

With this cross platform app you are able to view all our latest articles, pick articles from categories, check out events and view a restaurant guide with one push of a button.

Again this is in app form, and this way you will be able to receive push notifications of articles straight to your phone so you never miss out again.

So if you want to stay in touch with all Portuguese related news, sports, fashion, history, culture and a whole lot more every where in the world then this is the app for you! Click the links below to download to your phone.

App Store:

Play Store:

You can also find the app in the respective stores by searching for Senhor Cabo.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or any social media or alternatively add your comments below for assistance.

Senhor Cabo is a cross platform app, that serves as a gateway into Portuguese culture for all South Africans. This app cannot be simple enough. With all content just a finger touch away on the home screen.