A for away!

A for away

The Portuguese community in South Africa can be extremely proud of the recent matriculants who have passed with nothing less than an A.

Cassandra da Cruz, Dennis de Gouveia, Anthony Silva De Abreu and Micaela Ferreira hail from all four corners of South Africa and have done exceptionally well graduating from high school.

Cassandrea, who graduated with a 96.7 percent average and nine distinctions found herself enrolling for a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Cape Town.

She looks to make a difference in the environment with regards to bio-fuel.

“The development of bio-fuels is still relatively overlooked in South Africa. I think we have a huge potential in developing this alternative source of energy. I would one day like to have my own company in this field, and in doing so, create awareness as to the importance of bio-fuels and also to create employment opportunities,” she said.

Dennis, who achieved a 90 percent average, believed that discipline was key when it came to achieving his results.

Anthony, who held many key positions in extramural activities, has also enrolled at UCT and heads in the field of actuarial science.

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