Azores becomes top tourist destination


“Popsugar“ a top rated American site that specializes in hottest trends, best tips in entertainment, fashion, and travel, says that the Azores are going to be the most fashionable destination for international travelers in 2017,pointing out that the Portuguese islands, are  “at a distance of only 4 hours of flight time on the East coast of America”.

A map, which aims to create an innovative cultural tourism product, is also being created to chart sunken ships around the Azores islands using video images, to draw up a visit and interpretation plan for the wrecks.

There are currently in Azores 30 sites that can be visited of  25 shipwrecks and 5 archaeological parks that have various sunken vessels.

Azores archipelago waters have a rich history of many centuries of naval battles and shipwrecks  Described  by the American travel site as a “desirable” vacation destination, thanks to its “blue waters”, “lush fauna” and “charming villages”, the Azores archipelago “should be the meeting place for bloggers and lovers of travel”.