Banting vs the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Banting vs the Heart and Stroke Foundation

We are all encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle and with that comes a healthier way of eating.

But eating healthy is not always affordable and many of you will agree.

Now, there are people who follow health eating habits by Tim Noakes and his Banting diet or a diet by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Banting is a high fat and low carb diet and requires you to eat things such as eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast. For lunch their diet would consist of biltong, cheese and nuts.

For those following the Heart Foundation’s diet, you would follow a Mediterranean diet, which is high in fat with a lower risk of heart disease.

This diet consists of things like vegetables, fruit, beans and yoghurt.

When the Real Meal Revolution decided to do a test to see which diet was the cheapest, they found that the banting diet is actually the cheapest.

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