Beat your exhaustion

Beat your exhaustion

There are some of us who are just constantly exhausted throughout the day.

Having an early night might seem like a logical solution but sometimes, that still isn’t enough.

When sleeping, it is important to make sure that the room is completely dark. A little bit of light does hamper you when you are sleeping without even realising it. So do not sleep with the television on and make sure your curtains are properly closed.

If you are thirsty it means that your body needs water. When your body needs water it saves energy and does not supply enough oxygen to your muscles. This is why some people feel drowsy at times. So drinking enough water in a day is not a myth, it is actually very important.

Drinking coffee seems like the next logical step to give you that boost. But Caffeine can only take you so far before you come crashing down again. In fact, there is such a thing as too much coffee. Rather opt for something else to give you a boost such as peanuts and raisins.

Diet has a huge role to play in the way you feel. It is evident that some foods can leave you sluggish while others provide just enough energy for you. Keep eating carbs and protein to keep your energy levels up.

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