BIC Pens hidden feature that saves lives

BIC Pens hidden feature that saves lives

BIC, very popular for its pens and I’m sure everyone has used a BIC pen at least once in their lifetime. Schools, businesses and individuals buy these pens in bulk because they’re reliable and affordable.

Remember when you were in school, sitting with the lid of your pen in your mouth chewing away? A lot of people do this and there for it can be classified as a serious choking hazard.

BIC noticed this and designed a simple yet brilliant new cap. They added holes, so simple and yet this can save hundreds if not thousands of lives. When someone accidentally swallows the cap, the holes are there so air can still pass through potentially saving your life.

The design was so successful that many other pen companies copied the design. Of course, in a choking situation, you’ll want to know how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre. Below is a video from the British Red Cross on how to perform this life-saving technique…

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