Blessing Of The Fishing Fleet


The most successful charity institutions are mission orientated, with effective governance and dedicated staff. 

The Portuguese Cultural and Welfare Organisation is a clear example of this statement.

In fact the Portuguese Welfare of Cape Town is not only achieving fully the purpose for which it was created, but it is able to mobilize a very high percentage of volunteers and other civic groups of the community to participate in worthy  fund raising events.

Decorated Fishing Vessel
Decorated Fishing Vessel


The Blessing of the Fishing Fleet – which was held at the Waterfront – during the weekend of 8 to 9 October is a major project. Which would not be possible to accomplish without the generous involvement of numerous collaborators.

The volunteers worked to build the stalls, tents,  install stages, chairs and tables. At the end after all that effort had the energy to endure two long days preparing delicious food and serving hundreds of visitors. 

Besides this hard work, there were also the generous donations of goods, beverages and food to be sold in the stands, and the sponsorship of the advertising of the brochure publicizing the festive occasion.

Portuguese Folk Dancers

Worth mentioning is the invaluable and dedicated backing of  “Amigos Portugueses”, the altruistic biker chevaliers, who are always present to assist  and support these events.

Great charities are great because they have strong, committed people and the Portuguese Welfare of Cape Town is one of those institutions with a proven track record of success that makes the Community proud.

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  1. I have been wanting to attend this Fiesta for the past years hoping next year will be their had a uncle that that was a fishermen he past away at sea many years ago all my gran had was a piece of newspaper .notify her of his deaf but did not found his body.Has the date been confirmed for next year or will you only no next year