Body of Mario Nunes YPG fighter returned home


The coffin of Mario Nunes a Portuguese fighter with the Syrian Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) was transported to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and then to his family in Portugal.

Brigades of the Syrian Kurdish forces carrying his coffin crossed into Iraqi Kurdistan Region through the border of Faysh Khabur.

Speaking to Kurdistan24, Roj Khaboor, a senior commander of Women Protection Units, the female wing of the YPG, who escorted the funeral, said that her people were proud and honored to have such a brave and noble comrade.

“Heval Kandal (the Kurdish name for Nunes) was martyred last month in Rojava fighting the terrorists not only for defending Kurds, but for defending humanity,” Khaboor said.

Last year in an interview Nunes explained that he has never fought for money, but rather it was a duty to defend human values.

“I do not see myself as a mercenary because money is not my motivation. I wish to take a gun to contribute to a better world. Some people can contribute with money, with volunteering to heal people. But I have always wished to be one of those who sacrifice blood and fight face to face against the evil people,” Nunes concluded.

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