Boutique hotels the in thing in Portugal

Boutique hotels the in thing in Portugal

By now we should all know that Portugal is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe.

Just like Cape Town, the country gets visited for its beaches, sun, sense of culture, food and friendly locals. It is no wonder that Portugal’s tourist industry has been growing by 15 percent every year for the past three to five years.


It is already estimated that by the end of this year, Portugal would have been visited by 18 million tourists. Next year they would have broken the record by having 20 million tourists in 2016. That is double the Portuguese population already.


What seems to be attracting tourists lately are the small boutique hotels. Many people love big hotels but sometimes tourists just want an escape and have their small piece of heavenly privacy.

Some great get away spots are Vila Monte Farm House Hotel, Herdade da Matinha or Casa das Lapas.

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