Bread, a possible reason for high blood pressure

Bread, a possible reason for high blood

One of the biggest health problems South Africans face today is high blood pressure.

Without knowing it most families consume too much through one of the biggest daily staples, bread.

Bread has a high amount of salt and it is actually the salt that pushes up our blood pressure. It is estimated that 11 million South Africans live with high blood pressure.

“Our bread contains high levels of sodium, in fact much more than many first world countries,” said Dr Mungal-Singh, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa (HSF).

It is also advised to check your blood pressure regularly as some people do not suffer any symptoms and can live with it without even knowing it.

“One can therefore suffer from the condition without knowing it, until it’s far too late. Most South Africans, even those who know they have hypertension, do not take this seriously enough. It is called the ‘silent killer’ for good reason,” he said.

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