Bruno Gonçalves, chasing the storm

Bruno Gonçalves, chasing the storm

While most people try to chase their dreams, Bruno Gonçalves prefers to chase storms.

The amateur weatherman from Algarve, has embarked on an exciting yet dangerous journey to the United States to chase storms. He is not alone on this adventure and is accompanied by four of his friends, Artur Neves, Saul Monteiro, Miguel Pereira and Henrique Santos. They too share his passion for chasing storms and have been doing so in Portugal.

Their trip will take them to Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas which is known to be Tornado Alley.
They have hired a van equipped with a tornado-tracking radar from the National Weather Centre. They hope to make a documentary of the storms that they encounter and also to interview people from schools and other institutions.

“We want this trip to serve a purpose. We want to learn the most we can and see if we can use this knowledge to help Portugal, which every now and then gets serious tornados.” Bruno said.

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