Buy Ronaldo’s jersey for Hanno Fourie

Hanno Fourie with sister

How far are you willing to go to touch greatness?

If you are willing to dig into your pockets, this just might become a reality. Not only will you be associated with greatness but you will be doing your part in helping someone else.

Sound confusing? Let me make things clear for you.


Hanno Fourie is a young boy who has been sentenced with Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1. (SMA1). Motor Neuron Disease.

“Hanno was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This disease affects the nerve cells in the brainstem and spinal cord that communicates with all voluntary muscles in the body. The loss of these nerve cells leads to progressive muscle weakness,” said his doctor.

This has rendered him unable to walk or sit, making use of a specialised wheelchair and a ventilator to breath.


As you can imagine, the costs of all of these are quite steep, as much as R35 000 to R40 000 a month. Currently Hano is on life support and is being kept alive by machines 24 hours a day. The medical schemes do not assist in paying for this as his condition is not on the PMB list.

In an effort to raise funds, his parents have received a Real Madrid jersey of CR7 football star, Cristiano Ronaldo to sell. The jersey has been personally signed by Ronaldo himself.

If anybody would like to get in touch with them, please log onto for more information.