Cape Town don’t be alarmed by explosions

Cape Town don't be alarmed by explosions

Do not be alarmed by a sudden explosion in Gunners Circle on Wednesday as the City of Cape Town will be conducting a safety exercise in the area.

The Disaster Risk Management Centre will simulate an explosion as part of a safety exercise in Epping Industria between 10:00 and 14:00.

As part of the exercise, gas would be leaked to the surrounding area, testing the preparedness of the surrounding companies to deal with a hazardous explosion.

The simulation would take place on Gunners Circle, with a truck entering Afrox on the corner of Gunners Circle and Jellicoe Avenue.“Depending on the wind direction, the exercise will affect other role players who will have to either shelter or evacuate their staff,” the city said.

‘Gas leakage’

“This will also have an effect on Thornton residents, the Cape Town Market, the informal fruit and veg market, the Langa Station and the Langa Informal market, etc.”

The wind direction would play a part, moving the ‘gas leakage’ towards the residential area.

A number of roads were expected to be closed during the exercise.

These were:
Staging area (south-easterly wind)  Between Gunners Circle and the railway line, Grenville and Jellicoe Avenue and Jan Smuts Drive

Staging area (north-westerly wind)  Moody Avenue in front of Impressions; Epping Market side; Simulated road closure on the N7.

The City of Cape Town asked that the public comply with any requests from emergency services during the exercise.

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