Cape Town on TripAdvisor’s best destination list

cape town makes tripadvisor best destination list

We as Capetonians must be some of the luckiest people alive to live in a place that just cradles us in the splendour of its beauty.

If you do not believe me, then why not believe the results from TripAdvisor. The results to their TripAdvisor 25 Best Destinations in the World list was released this morning and Cape Town has left its footprint.

This is not the first time that the Mother City has made an appearance in the TripAdvisor ranks but they have made a considerable jump from where they were. Last year, Cape Town came in 19th place but this year, they have improved and hit the number 10 spot.

Quite frankly, we think we should have taken first place, but this year, that title went to Marrakech in Morocco followed by Siem Riep in Cambodia.

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