Carla Correia is Elle’s latest crush!

Carla Correia

Who is Carla Correia? This is a question ELLE Magazine SA answered in their interview with the Insta-Crush of the week.

Every week ELLE magazine picks an Insta-crush, someone who in their opinion is killing it on Instagram. This week they happen to come across Carla who captured their attention with her awesome photo’s and excellent story telling.

Straight off the bat Carla describes herself as an Image maker, coffee drinker and pancake eater.

Read the interview between Carla Correia and Jaime Waddington below!

Who is @carla_corr?
I’m a 23 year old photography-obsessed, caffeine-addicted girl from Cape Town. I do photography full-time (and a little design work here and there).

How long have you been on Instagram?
About 3 years now.

What inspired this Instagram account?
Real life. If you go through my account, you’ll see that it’s just a mix of my day to day life, from my coffee shop adventures to photos of my family to travels abroad. I love the idea of getting to show people  the things I stumble across and what I find interesting.

Your Instagram style?
I guess it’d be documentary style.

Favourite picture on your Instagram?
That’s a tough one. It would probably have to be this picture though. I’m still crushing on Switzerland after my most recent trip there.

Top 3 people to follow on Instagram?
@jasminedowling, @mrbenbrown, @himichellewhite

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Article Credit: Jaime Waddington
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