Cervejaria Ramiro, the place to be in Lisbon

Cervejaria Ramiro, the place to be in Lisbon

If you are looking for good quality sea food and happen to find yourself in Lisbon, then you should definitely head on down to Cervejaria Ramiro which comes highly recommend.

This is one place where you are encouraged to feel at home as you are more than welcome to use your hands to eat, which adds to their no fuss approach.

If you did not know this then prepare to be informed but green wine seems to pair well with sea food. So when you are there, do not forget to order some, but if that does not tickle your fancy, then perhaps you would like to try their Palacio da Brejoeira, a crisp bubbly white wine.

Though their hours are from 12:00 to 00:00, it does get a bit busy towards the end of the week, but who can blame them. So do book in advance.

Check out: nelsoncarvalheiro.com