Chinese find Portugal best European investment

Chinese find Portugal best European investment

Portugal seems to be the place of gold for the Chinese as they have hailed it to be the “best country in Europe to invest in”.

“I’m not saying other countries aren’t good, but Portugal is the best. I say this to any Chinese who wants to invest in Europe. It is easy to establish friendships in Lisbon. I know lots of people in Lisbon, and we share the same kind of culture which is based on trust,” said Liang Xinjun, CEO of Fosun.

He also made mention in Shanghai over the weekend that costs were lower in Lisbon than in any other European capital.

“Portugal is small in terms of its population, but if we think about Portuguese-speaking countries, 10 million turns into 300 million,” he said further.

Since 2012 it has been estimated that China has already ploughed an estimation of 10 million dollars into the Portuguese community.

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