Christina Vandermeulen honours vow in Portugal

Christina Vandermeulen honors vow in Portugal

How far would you go to keep a vow?

For a German Catholic woman, it meant going all the way to Portugal almost 40 years down the line.

Christina Vandermeulen, a 61-year-old resident of west Algarve took a 397 kilometre marathon charity walk recently.
The journey which took her through Odeceixe, Sines, Setúbal, Lisbon and Santarém lasted 14 days.

Christina started her marathon walk in Cape St Vincent and ended a day ahead of schedule in Fatima.

Her journey served as a double purpose. Firstly, it was used as a fundraiser to help the poor children of Aljezur. And secondly, to honour a vow she made to the Virgin Mary 38 years ago.

In 1973, Christina gave birth to her son but at 16 months he passed away. Five years later she became pregnant with her daughter, Veronique. She made a vow that if her child was born healthy, she would make a pilgrimage of thanks for the life of her child.

Now she can be at east that her vow is intact.

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