Chyemenn Santos is the Brightest Star

Chyemenn Santos is the Brightest Star

The Brightest Star in the Sky is a children’s book by Chyemenn Santos. Even though Uncle Mike can’t visit Pumpkin anymore, he’s looking down on her every day as the brightest star in the sky.

Uncle Mike and I play hide and seek. And when it’s time for him to leave, He says, I’ll see you soon, my Pumpkin. Well play some more next week. Uncle Mike didn’t come back the next week And I didn’t understand why. So Daddy picked me up, kissed my cheek and said, There’s something I want to show you, up in the sky.

the-brightest-star-in-the-sky-photoChyemenn Santos was born in Namibia, raised in South Africa, the DRC, Angola, and Portugal. She studied law and business administration but always had a passion for writing.

The Brightest Star in the Sky was written for her niece and nephew, in memory of her late husband, a dreamer who thought life had stolen her dreams, turned one of her dreams into reality.

This is her first book. She currently lives between Cape Town and Luanda, where she works at her advertising agency, SmartEdge. When she isn’t working, she’s dreaming of another story, swimming with mermaids, helping homeless animals, singing and dancing no matter who is watching, conquering her fear of heights, and above all, smiling and working hard towards making her dreams come true.

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