Clan Ronaldo saves day


If you’re a big Christiano Ronaldo fan, then you will know by now that over the past weekend he was present in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal to unveil a statue of him.

Many people have joked and made comment about the southern region of the statue and have asked Ronaldo for comment but he seemed to brush it off.

The 800 kilogramme statue which towers over Funchal Port at a height of 3.4 metres was the brainchild of the Regional Government of Madeira. Unfortunately, the finances didn’t look as good as the intention and they fell short of fitting the bill.

However, Clan Ronaldo saved the day by bailing them out with 60 000 Euros, that’s just over 850 000 Rand.

Some other remarks about the statue were that the statue did not really resemble Ronaldo. In his defence, the artist, Ricardo Veloz, said that this happened to be the most difficult part of the sculpture.

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