Claudia Graces Front Cover of Child Magazine

Child Magazine Cover

Local photographer, Claudia De Nobrega, has just added another feather in her cap with one of her photo’s gracing the front cover of Child Magazine. The magazine has a circulation of 47 500 copies which is distributed throughout Cape Town. Her model is little Leah De Oliveira, daughter of Jose & Carla De Oliveira.

Claudia Graces Front Cover of Child Magazine

Claudia De Nobrega is of Portuguese descent and is Married to Ricardo De Nobrega, who himself is an accomplished photographer and web designer.

Creative Inspirations: Life, Photography, Design, Art, Décor, Fashion, Vintage, Books, Travelling, Beautiful Places, Sunsets, Trees, Flowers, Clouds, Ocean, Ribbons & Colours, Theatre, Inspiring People, Pretty Pictures and All Things Lovely!

Claudia Graces Front Cover of Child Magazine

Career: I love what I do! To document a special time in a person’s life is truly a blessing for me. Growing up I always wanted to change the world for the better, play my part to make our world a better place… I often wondered if this desire, came from my imagination or if it was something deeper… something from God. At this very moment, I still have that desire to change the world… but now I know that it goes very deep and God is slowly unfolding His plan for my life. I have realised that my photography does change lives, because I capture love!

The love between a newly engaged couple, the miracle of a newborn baby, the heartwarming smile of a young girl twirling around in her matric dance dress.

My job is completely rewarding & I love the fact that my photos make people happy!

Follow Claudia on her exciting and successfull journey of photography