Coke’s milky way

Coke's milky way
1966 Coca-Cola Coke Advertisement Hot Rod August 1966 - Image Source SenseiAlan

One of the world’s most leading products has taken a dabble into a whole new avenue. One that is totally bizarre.

Coca-Cola has now launched their latest product…milk.

We have heard of cherry flavoured coke and there was even vanilla flavoured coke (Not a big fan) but now they have come out with their own milk.

They are not alone in this as they have collaborated with Fairlife, a dairy firm, to bring this product to the shelves.

Coca-Cola logo thetaxhaven
Coca-Cola logo thetaxhaven

This new milk is said to be lactose free, have 50 percent more protein and contain 50 percent more calcium.

This should be an interesting product to see on the market. I wonder if the milk will be carbonated or not and if we will have it in options of full cream or 2 %.

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