Combating colds and flu’s this winter

combating colds and flu this winter

the icy grip of winter will soon be upon us and we will have to take out those scarves, coats and hankies to shield us from the wrath of flu’s and colds.

Dietician, Leigh-Ann Silber, suggests that to keep your immune system up against these attacks, one should stock up on a five-a-day fruit and vegetable plan.

Though most people associate colds and flu’s with each other, they are not quite the same. A cold is considered as a minor infection which affects the nose and throat mainly. This is caused by several kinds of viruses which can last up to a week.

A flu on the other hand can be categorised in A, B and C, with A and B being the most severe form of state. Flu’s adapt and therefore differ from year to year. This makes it important to get yourself vaccinated on an annual basis.

Leigh-Ann also advises that the more colour are in your vegetables, the healthier your combination.

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